She’s Pregnant!

Today I’ll talk about the goat maternity ward on our farm. We currently have three does, and we originally thought that they all were not bred. All three of them were briefly exposed to a buck just a couple weeks before Halloween of this past year(approximately 3 months ago). We thought that it was unsuccessful. Now, 3 months later, our does are filling out more and acting differently. Their bellies are protruding on the right side more each week(the side that holds the fetus). They are all behaving contrary to their usual personalities. These ladies are Saanens. Missy, our 5 year old doe, who would normally be fussy and bossy, has been so snuggly and submissive lately. Amelia(mostly saanen, ¼ kiko), our 2 year old doe, who would normally be completely snuggly and submissive, has been quite controlling and demanding lately. Then there is Dawn, our 4 year old doe, who is the only one behaving like her normal self. She is filling out in the middle, but she is still antisocial and touch-me-not when it comes to all people. If our suspicions are correct, and all of our does are bred, then they should kid right around March of this year. We will have spring baby goats! I really hope they are, because we are looking forward to the milk and having more goats. If one of them has a doeling, then we will likely keep her and add to our milking herd. That will give us an even 4 does. We’ve begun increasing their feed and preparing for spring babies, but only time will tell for sure. We’ll keep you posted!